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Dye Hard Yarns

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Dye Hard Yarns is creating a community dye studio just for you!

The Vision:

What if you could dye your own yarns with professional dyes and equipment?

Or sit and create your own art amongst friends? Invest in beautiful indie dyed yarn? Take classes in new fiber arts? Dye Hard Yarns wants to be the space you can do all these things! This should be the place to come for creativity, inspiration, community, and love. 

The Dye Hard studio will be fully outfitted with professional dyeing equipment and tools. Classes will be held on dyeing, knitting, crochet, macramé, spinning, weaving, and more!

Community members like you can create, connect, learn, and teach! 

We'll invite guest dyers, teachers, and designers and hold special events.

Dye Hard Yarns wants to be your haven, home, and community.

A place that fosters creativity, joy, and passion.

We want you to feel welcome here.

Indie Dyers utilize their own kitchens, garages, and basements to bring you the masterfully crafted yarns you love. A professional studio and dedicated dye space is usually a far off dream for most.

By opening our studio to the public, we can provide studio space and professional tools to those who create beautiful yarns for us!

This is our chance to provide the space we all deserve to make a living, invest in a hobby, or develop a creative outlet... But this cannot happen without community support.

A community is built by many people, and maintained with lots of care and love.

Donate whatever you can, and take the time to share us on social media! 

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Let's make this Community the best ever!.

The Dye Hard studio is a work in progress!
Sign up for current dye classes, workshops or studio space here.