Dye Studio Rental

$ 50.00

We offer dye studio access for members who want to work on dyeing projects without investing in all their own tools and equipment.

Indie Dyers, hobby dyers, and dye students can utilize the dyes, equipment, and tools in this functioning professional studio to create their own hand dyed yarns, spinning fibers, and fabrics.

There is no structured instruction time while you're working, so previous experience is necessary.

Tools and equipment list: Acid dyes, 4 Induction burners for heating dye baths, stock pots, chafer trays, steamer/cooker, electric kettle, mason jars, syringes, buckets, plastic sink pans, measuring utensils, squeeze bottles, scales for weighing fiber and dyestuffs, swift, niddy-noddys, a yarn winder, spoons, wisks, tongues, skein twister, skein minder, spin dryer, portable washer, dry racks, 3 compartment sink, gloves, apron, dust mask, and plenty of table space to work.

Yarn, fiber, and fabrics purchased seperately. Indie dye businesses can utilize wholesale ordering privileges where applicable.

Prerequisite for studio rental: Studio orientaion and Intro to dyeing is required for non-professional Dye Studio use/membership.

How it works

  1. A regular membership is only $50 per month and gives you access anytime the dye studio is open.

  2. Open hours will be Tuesday through Sunday during business hours.

  3. Members must show that they have experience with textile dyeing to work in the space. That could be through some training that they have done, or if they’ve taken a workshop at our space before. Here is one you can register for now!

  4. Members will have to bring their own yarns, fibers and fabrics or purchase these materials on site.

  5. Projects must be taken home with you every night. If needed you can rent storage from us.

  6. We ask that everyone reserves their visit in advance so that we don’t get too crowded. 

  7. For Safety, everyone must

    1. Wear closed toe shoes,

    2. Wear gloves when handling dyes, mordants, or auxiliary chemicals

    3. Wear a respirator or dust mask when handling dye powders

    4. Use hot pads or heat-proof mitts while handling hot pans

  8. We recommend…

    • Bringing your own dust mask 

    • Wear an apron or lab coat

    • No hand or wrist jewellery (rings, bracelets, etc)

    • Long hair tied back

Allowed materials:

We’re going to manage what materials are allowed to be used in the space in order to keep the studio safe and avoid cross-contamination. Contact us directly for any other materials that you want to bring in that aren’t on this list and we can verify if they’ll be approved or not.

Here’s a list of permitted materials:

Approved Materials include:

  • Acid dyes

  • Fibre Reactive dyes

  • Citric acid

  • Soda ash/washing soda

  • Union dyes (Tintex, Rit, Dylon, etc)

  • Sodium Alginate

  • Urea

  • Glauber’s salt

  • Alum

  • Cream of Tartar

  • Textile detergent (Synthrapol)

  • Indigo

  • Fructose

  • Calcium hydroxide (calx, lime)

  • Cochineal

  • Madder

  • Pomegranate

  • Logwood

  • Osage

  • Gallnut

  • Food-safe natural dyes (avocado, onion skins, black beans, etc)