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Come away with us to the sea...

The salty air flutters across your skin and tickles your nose. You feel the rhythmic pulse of the waves as they crest and impart a sense of calm to your spirit. The fine grains of sand shift under your feet as you walk along the shore. Your heartbeat slows as you inhale deeply...

Featuring the work of:

Noriko Ho from Norichan Knits

Naima Bond from Sister Ananse Yarns

Mesa from Fennel and Fiber

Damian Han from Solis Illuminatum

Meet the Artists:

"Chelonia" hat- requires a US 5 and US 7 16" circular needle or DPNs

Hi, I'm Noriko Ho from Norichan Knits! I'm an Asian American knitwear and crochet designer, and I designed the hat, Chelonia.

When Chastity contacted me about being a part of this box, I was so honored and thrilled. Working closely with other BIPOC is important to me, and getting paired with Naima for the yarn was very exciting. Getting to collaborate together on color ideas, general concepts, and then finally getting yarn in hand is the exact reason I love working with other indie creators.

Before getting the yarn, I had a different idea in mind, but once the yarn was here I couldn't get the concept of sea turtles out of my head. Chelonia is inspired by the tracks that the baby sea turtles make on their journey from the shore to the sea.

"Seafoam" yarn-

Naima Bond is a visual and fiber artist born, raised and living in Chicago IL. She learned how to create hand dyed yarn last year and hasn't stopped since!

Color is critically important to Naima and she explores color theory in all of her work. She often uses very bright colors to dye her yarn, using varying techniques to create ultra vibrant hues.

Naima finds great inspiration in the natural world, and many of her yarn colorways are modeled after plants animals and natural phenomenon.

The "Seafoam" colorway is a light greenish color reminiscent of shallow seas in the sunshine.

As a Black woman, Naima feels that it is important to create solidarity between BIPOC and works to uplift and amplify Black and BIPOC voices.

"Seaside" Stitch Marker set-

My name is Mesa! I an a Latinx non-binary knitter and maker. I am so excited to provide a quality set of stitch markers to join you in your crafting adventures. I am thrilled to be a part of such a neat collaborative that celebrates diversity and community all in one space. I enjoyed every moment of making something that will be attached to some of your favorite projects to come.

"By the Sea" Bath Salts- Spearmint, Peppermint, Rosemary, Clary Sage & Lavender

Creator of Solis Illuminatum, Damian Han is a queer PoC witch, Left-Hand Path practitioner, hard polytheist, and urban gardener. His work primarily focuses on reclaiming the inner divine while simultaneously rediscovering and reengaging with the spirits of land, ancestors, craft, and calling. "By the Sea" was hand mixed with essential oils and harvested herbs from Damian's own garden.

Inspired by the scent of the seashore, this relaxing blend is made from letting Epsom salt infuse in a jar of lavender flowers and homegrown spearmint. Clary sage essential oil is added for scent and purportedly excellent for skin care, and a few drops of rosemary clears and sharpens the mind.

A Download code for "Chelonia" will be included in your BIPOC box 

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