Diversity Collection

Diversity Collection

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I created a collection to express my feelings toward the issues that are plaguing humanity. It's my hope to bring awareness, and to keep the focus upon these issues, and to one day retire these color names when they are no longer needed.

My thoughts...

I am a quiet person. I do not wish to be the focus of attention. I prefer to sit in the background and observe.

...and I do not like what I am seeing. 
I have never understood the inhumanity of men. The many thousands of unkindnesses perpetuated by Humanity as a whole. The hate, violence, and vitriol spewed at those considered "other" or beneath you. The atrocities committed in the name of politics, or religion, or money. Those in power always seeking to control those who are not, with false ideals and ideologies, barely if at all masking whatever their true self serving agenda may be.

What are we doing to this world we live in? What are we doing to each other?! What are we teaching our children? Who are we molding them to be?

Can you look into your heart and Know without a shadow of a doubt, with ALL the fiber of your being, with your very ESSENCE that what you're doing or saying to another human is right, kind, and true? Is it honest? Does it come from Love? Maybe not for the individual themselves, but for Humanity as a whole? Do you truly treat others as you wish to be treated?

I am angry. I am hurting. I am in tears for America and for the world. I am horrified. And I am fed up!

So I cannot be silent. I cannot hide from attention. I cannot sit back and observe.

Make no mistake... the world is burning. 
I will not be complicit in its demise. I WILL oppose those who would add gasoline to the flames.

I stand for the marginalized. I stand for POC. I stand for immigrants. I stand for refugees. I stand for LGBTIQA+. I stand for women. I stand for those who cannot.

So come...I'll hold your hand if you need it, as I understand that need.

My home is a welcoming place , full of Hope and inspiration, joy and kindness. Only Love shall enter here, and only Love shall leave.

Blessèd Be!

Kitty Pride Fibers

Person of Color
Huddled Masses
Liberty and Justice
Size Inclusivity
Gender Diversity
Silence is Deadly
Situation Untenable
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Kitty Pride Fibers

Entire Find Your Joy Collection
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