Purl Strings - Sweater Cords (Minnie & Purl)

Minnie & Purl

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Purl Strings sweater cords are hollow silicone cables that you can use as stitch holders!

They are perfect for quickly putting your stitches temporarily on hold so you can try on your garment or even for holding your stitches so you can use the needles on another project.

How to use:

Simply insert the tip of your knitting needle into the flexible silicone tube and gently slip the stitches onto the cable for hold. Reverse the process to pick the stitches back up later.

Each tin comes with 3 cords: 1 - 2.5 Meter/98.4" cord and 2 - 1 Meter/39.4" cords.

The silicone scent should dissipate after the tin has be open for a bit.