"Mihrab" Beanie (Pattern) Alwan Sultan

Dye Hard Yarns

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The Mihrab Beanie was created exclusively for the Guiding Light Bipoc Box. It is currently unavailable to the general public. A coupon code is required to receive this pattern.

From the Designer:

Mihrab is inspired by Arabic architecture, specifically Islamic embellishments. Mihrab means sanctuary in Arabic ,and it's also the name of the area that an Imam leads people to pray. Sometimes it's embellished with floral designs or geometric designs, and at times it's just minimalist, but the shape of the Mihrab is always the same.

Sultan, is a Nonbinary Chicago based pattern designer originally from Saudi Arabia. They are the dyer behind Alwan Sultan. From Sultan: I dye self striping sock yarn and I go where the spirit moves me when it comes to my creative process. I dye in very small batches hence my motto Slow Fiber!

Alwan means colors in Arabic, Alwan Sultan came from my love of dyeing and self striping yarn. I have been dyeing yarn since 2016 and haven't stopped since!
I love experimenting, mixing and playing with colors. Rainbows are my favorite. I take inspiration from everywhere, especially nature. But as much as I love bright colors, I really love dyeing moody and earthy tones. Don't get me wrong though, I will still be dyeing neons too!

Pattern requires requires a US 2 (2.75mm) and US 4 (3.5mm) 16" circular needles and US 4 DPNs 

You can find the designer on Instagram @AlwanSultan