Loome Pom Pom and Weaving Tools


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The ultimate pom pom maker that makes pom poms, tassels, friendship bracelets and weavings!

Our paper version is great for diy craft parties and an ideal alternative to plastic tools. Fully recyclable and compostable paper Loome tools that can make your 4 favorite crafts: pom poms, tassels, friendship bracelets and weavings.

Made of durable paper that will last at least 30+ uses. This beautiful paper tool also looks great. You can even customize it by drawing or painting on the tool!

1-Minute Overview of the Paper Loome: Video

How-To Loome: Video (all Loome's how-to videos)

Size: M: 2.25" W x 4.2" H (5.7 cm W x 10.7 cm H)

Loome Pom Pom Trim Guide

This is Loome's new design for your pom pom pro-skill...the first ever Loome Pom Pom Trim Guide (PPTG) that does double duty. First, the PPTG helps you fast-track your pom pom trimming. Second, the notches allow you to make an awesome 7-strand Japanese Kumihimo cord.

This is a must-have doodad for your toolkit. 

Learn how to use the Loome Pom Pom Trim Guide and see how you can make a Kumihimo cord with it! Go to Loome Learn for more videos

Size: 1.75" H x 1.75" W with .4" Hole (4.45 cm H x 4.45 cm W with 1 cm Hole)

Material: Bamboo


Reusable wooden bobbin with 50' or 13 m of 6-ply floss essential for pom pom making. This floss help you tie those tight middle ties that hold your pom pom together! There is enough floss on this bobbin for 50+ pom poms.

USE: Making Pom Poms

How-To Loome: Videos

Size: 1.75" H x 1.75" W (4.45 cm H x 4.45 cm W)

Material: Bamboo & Cotton

Pom Pom Basics & Patterns Book

The new fan book is designed to supplement your pom-pom making with answers and references to the most asked questions that help you make the ultimate pom pom.

1. Basics: Tools, How to Make a Pom Pom, Size, Yarns & Looks, Attaching the Pom Poms, Sculpting, Shapes
2. Patterns: Solid, Half & Half, Stripes, Color Blocked, Sprinkles/Dots, Galaxy, Bullseye, Nazar/Evil Eye, Flower, Pineapple, Watermelon

Inspirations: Instagram Pinterest 

Size: 5" H x 3" W or 12.7 cm x 7.62 cm

Loome Tassel and Weaving Comb

If you're an avid fan or owner of tassels, you need this tool! The tassel comb was created through the love for making tassels and seeing a need for a tool that keeps tassels looking good. You can count on us to design tools that are practical, multi-function and get you crafting - this tool also doubles as a weaving comb/beater!

How-To Loome: See their how-to video on the Loome Tassel Comb and go to Loome Learn for all other videos

Size: 1.25" H x 1.625" W (3.175 cm H x 4.1275 cm W)

Material: Acrylic - Opaque Pink


Reusable wooden bobbin with 50' or 15 m of cotton warp for stringing/warping your Loome loom. 

USE: Warping Looms, Making Friendship Bracelets

How-To Loome: Videos

Size: 1.75" H x 1.75" W (4.45 cm H x 4.45 cm W)

Material: Bamboo & Cotton

Rainbow Weaving Loom

Instant happiness. Amazing weaving loom that can be used as a rainbow or arch. Weave your piece and keep it on or off the loom.

How to Weave a Rainbow/Arch: Video

All of Loome's How-To Videos: Video 

Inspirations: Instagram Pinterest 

Tool Size: 4.3"H x 7.3" W or 10.9 cm H x 18.5 cm W

Material: Bamboo

Want a larger Weaving Loome? More weaving kit shapes and sizes here.