Cedaroma Natural Cedar Balls & Sachets


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Turn any place you store your wooly clothes into a cedar chest with Cedar Roma! 

Cedar refreshes your dressing room, absorbs moisture and naturally repels moths and insects. Just place in your wardrobe to allow the subtle fragrance to naturally repel pests. It is a great natural alternative to chemical moth balls which are known to be harmful to people and pets.

  • 100% pure aromatic cedar, harvested and dried to protect its delicate essence.
  • Protects clothes and other textiles
  • Naturally repels months & insects
  • Keeps fleas out of your animal's bedding
  • Absorbs moisture and odors
  • Pleasant aroma for a fresh, clean scent
  • Can be placed in drawers, underbed storage bags etc.
  • Do no put them directly on your clothes, may stain

Cedar Bag: 1.5oz

Cedar Ball:  .75in diameter sold individually

To use cedar pouch: punch pinholes in the bag and place it in desired drawers, closets, chests, or storage bins.