Boomloom MINI (Loom Only)


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The boomloom is a handheld pocket loom with a built-in heddle bar!

Pre-orders are open until March 10th.

Our smallest size, the boomloom Mini is a pocket loom designed as a creative tool. Light, sturdy and portable, the boomloom closes the gap between expression and craft! Makes weaving intuitive and expressive and allows you to focus on form and color, not threading in and out.

Made of aluminum, birch and maple. Easy to hold or use on a table. Loom is: 5" x 3" x 1.5". It can create pieces up to about: 3" x 2.5". Dents per inch: 5 nearly 6, and ends per inch is 6.

This loom works really well for kids because the gratification of making a completed piece is quick!

How it works: Move the bar back and forth with the knobs to automatically switch alternate warp threads up and down, creating a wide shed (space) to pass the weft yarn through. Hidden tabs stop the bar in the correct spot, forward and back. Slits in the end hold the warp yarn securely so stringing the loom is quick.

Use it to "sketch," experiment, test compositions and combinations, try out textures. Perfect for patches, smalls & multiples. Satisfying and intuitive, great for fidgeters, kids, anyone with their hands free and a yen to make something.

Purchase alone or with starter kit.

Included with every purchase is a one-page instruction sheet with a few basic principles and tips. 

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