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Yarn Discounts & Special Orders

Everyday Discounts

Sweaters and blankets are fun to make, but a discount makes them all the sweeter!

Use code SWEATERKNITTER to receive 15% off 5 or more skeins of yarn.


Special Orders

Order a specific color or base directly from the Dyer

No worries about dye lots!

Pre-Order the amount you need for your larger projects from our participating lines.

Baah Yarn, Kitty Pride Fibers, Malabrigo, Bunny Badger Fibers, Swans Island, Queenie Crochet, and Skacel can be pre-ordered in any color or quantity. 

Shipping times will vary, but most will be ready in as little as 3 weeks. 

We will work with you to order the amount you need, in the colors you want, on the yarn bases you desire.

Pressed for time, or want something more unique? Our in-house line Kitty Pride Fibers gives you the most versatility in color choice and yarn base, and turn around time is typically faster than our other lines. 

If Pre-ordering, give us a call or shoot us an email with color, brand, and quantity.
We have color cards in store for Baah Yarn. Not local? Check out their website Baahyarn.com for color photos.


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