The Knitting Barber

The Knitting Barber

Chastity Dunlap

We have a brand new line from The Knitting Barber!
I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to finally have these in store all the way from Finland.

I first saw these amazing little notions in a TikTok video of all places. Then as I was scrolling Instagram I saw them being demoed again and I was hooked! I immediately started searching for them online. I had so many questions. Who sells them, where are they located, do they sell to shops, how do I order them for Dye Hard?

I finally found the company, emailed them, and ordered every color! And while I was at it, I also purchased their Wrist Rulers and Stitch Marker tins.

So if you've never heard of The Knitting Barber before, or you've coveted a set for yourself, come on in and visit, or order yours online.

The Knitting Barber cords are hollow silicone cables that you can use as stitch holders!

They are perfect for quickly putting your stitches temporarily on hold so you can try on your garment or even for holding your stitches so you can use the needles on another project.

Simply insert the tip of your knitting needle into the flexible silicone tube and gently slip the stitches onto the cable for hold. Reverse the process to pick the stitches back up later.

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