Help us reach our goal: Turkey Disaster Relief Fundraiser

Help us reach our goal: Turkey Disaster Relief Fundraiser

Chastity Dunlap

Many of our beloved Yarn lines hail from Turkey, and the well being of the Turkish people has been on our minds. Universal Yarns, Urth Yarns, and Gusto Wool are all based out of Turkey. Their families, mills and many partners are also based there. The aftermath of the earthquakes that struck Southeastern Turkey is heartrending.

We are all beyond grateful that these dyers and makers were not directly impacted by the earthquakes and aftershocks, however, we would like to send aid where it is needed most. Unfortunately, almost everyone from this family of companies knows someone that has been missing or lost their lives, and the tragedy has worsened due to the winter storm. The Turkish people have risen up, and everyone is donating money, clothing, and water to survivors. Housing is a major issue for those who have lost their homes or whose homes are unlivable. Universal Yarns has made a commitment to send 10 container homes to the region, and Urth Yarns is launching a fundraiser of it's own later this month. I would like to help them!

We are calling on you to join us as we raise funds to help survivors, first responders, and communities get access to food, shelter, clean water, medicine, and other emergency services. We will be donating 10% of all sales from Urth Yarns, Gusto Wool and Universal Yarns to the organizations below.

Along with this, we will add any tips we receive, plus 10% of sales from Gift cards and Classes purchased during the month of March. Urth Yarns will also donate 25% of proceeds from their fundraising kits to the earthquake victims in Turkey.

These are two legitimate organizations that will make sure your donated funds are not wasted.

Turkish Philanthropy Funds

You can donate here, or make a purchase from our Urth, Gusto, or Universal Yarn lines. The total amount of donations and sales percentage will be added up and divided equally between the two organizations on March 31st. I'll send out bi-weekly emails and social posts so that we can keep track of the tally together, and I'll post our progress on the Header Bar on the website as well. My goal is to reach $1,000 worth of donations, but hopefully we can do more together.

If you've lost someone, or know someone who's lost people in the disaster, our hearts are with you. ***HUGS*** Know that Abby and I love you all very much, and we appreciate any help that you can give, even if it is only passing the word around to someone else who may be able to help.

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