Our very first BIPOC Fiber box has launched!

Our very first BIPOC Fiber box has launched!

Chastity Dunlap

B.I.P.O.C. : The acronym stands for Black, Indigenous & People of color.

This fiber box is a labor of love from me to you.
It's a gathering of Artists from diverse cultures and backgrounds. It's a way to uplift and feature the beautiful Diversity that exists within the fiber world.
Each bi-monthly box has been curated around a particular theme, and it's individual pieces create a harmonious experience for you to fall in love with.

For the month of May:

Come away with us to the sea...

The salty air flutters across your skin and tickles your nose. You feel the rhythmic pulse of the waves as they crest and impart a sense of calm to your spirit. The fine grains of sand shift under your feet as you walk along the shore. Your heartbeat slows as you inhale deeply...

Featuring the work of:

Noriko Ho from Norichan Knits
Naima Bond from Sister Ananse Yarns
Mesa from Fennel and Fiber
Damian Han from Solis Illuminatum

>>>This is a Pre-Order open for 2 weeks. At which point the listing will close and orders will ship on the 16th of July.

Limited quantities. Order yours here>>

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