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Kitty Pride Fibers

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Pandy-cakes (British Short Hair Sock)
Oh, I Enby you (British Short Hair 2ply)
Pride Parade (British Short Hair 2ply)
Les be Honest (British Short Hair 2ply)
Transposing (British Short Hair Sock)
Bi the way, I love you! (British Short Hair Sock)

All colors in this line are repeatable and may be dyed on any of my other yarn bases.

$1 from each skein purchased will be donated to Brave Space Alliance.

Colors have been dyed on one of the 2 bases below.

British Short Hair Sock: This is THE best fiber combo for long lasting socks! Long staple fiber, nylon for extra strength, and a great twist for durability. Made from the very best BFL, hard wearing garments work up beautifully. 75% SW Bluefaced Leicester Wool, 25% nylon, 464 yards, 100 grams 

British Short Hair 2ply: A 2-ply sock yarn with a nice firm twist! It has the look of 'cabled' yarns, and the firm twist gives it strength. Made from the very best BFL. ( Perfect choice for baby clothes, tees and shells, Weavers this yarn is strong enough to use as warp. High Twist 80% SW Bluefaced Leicester Wool, 20% Nylon, 400yds/100g skein

    Ready to Ship 

    This yarn is hand-dyed and local to Chicago