Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 40: Spring 2022

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For our 40th issue we’ve conjured up a knitted dreamworld!

Allow our latest collection to transport you to your yarn-filled happy place with joy-bringing patterns which are whimsical without compromising elegance or wearability. The designs reference the seemingly unstructured nature of dreams through floaty fabrics and ethereal embellishments, loose gauge, and by gently emboldening the maker to use their intuition when it comes to playing with color. As with anything that appears effortless, copious amounts of imagination and clever thinking form the foundation of these designs and they encourage the kind of creative escapism we cherish in crafting. The patterns in this collection vary in intensity; from ones which will allow you to realize your knitting fantasies to others you could finish with your eyes closed. But rest assured, each one will grant you gratification in a different way.


In addition to the 10 knitting patterns, our spring 2022 collection contains an article, ‘Making a World’ by Lilith Green, in which Lilith talks about her experience of autism and how the act of making provides a haven from a world which prioritizes neurotypical people. If your goal is to try your hand at a craft other than knitting, learn how to make decorative Polish pająki with Karolina Merska, or use Stephanie Ganz’ recipe to bake Honeysuckle Cream Puffs – divine!

Sounds dreamy, right!? Pre-order Issue 40 and be among the first knitters to receive the issue mid-late February 2022. On 24th February, Issue 40 will be available in digital-only form, all customers who have ordered a print copy will gain access to their complimentary digital version.


You can access a digital copy via Ravelry using the download code printed on the inside cover of the magazine.


Effervescent (lace yoke sweater)             

8 sizes; finished chest (fullest point) circumference: 92 - 162.5cm / 36¼ - 64" – to be worn with 10-20cm / 4-8" positive ease.

Cloudbow (mohair dress and top)             10 sizes; finished chest (fullest point) circumference: 81.5 - 172.5cm / 32 - 68" – to be worn with 5-15cm / 2-6" positive ease.

Reverie (colourwork socks)          4 sizes; finished foot circumference (unstretched): 16.5 (19, 21.5, 24)cm / 6½ (7½, 8½, 9½)" – to be worn with 1.5-2cm / ½-¾" negative ease.

Nereides (lace tee)         

9 sizes; finished chest (fullest point) circumference: 100 - 180cm / 39¼ - 70¾" - to be worn with approx. 20-30cm / 8-12" positive ease.

Plumetis (mohair lace pullover) 8 sizes; finished chest (fullest point) circumference: 112 - 192cm / 44 - 75½" – to be worn with 35-40cm / 13¾-15¾" positive ease.

Oneiro (brioche cardigan)             8 sizes, finished chest (fullest point) circumference: 100 - 178.5cm / 39¼ - 70¼" - to be worn with 12-18cm / 4¾-7" positive ease.

Cirriform (ribbed socks) 3 sizes; to fit approx. foot circumference: 17.5 (20.5, 23)cm / 7 (8, 9)".

Althaea (drop shoulder pullover)               9 sizes; finished chest (fullest point) circumference: 106 - 185cm / 41¾ - 72¾"– to be worn with 25-35cm / 10-14" positive ease.

Flótti (colourwork cardigan)

8 sizes; finished chest (fullest point) circumference: 82 - 158.5cm / 32¼ - 62½" - to be worn with 5-10 cm / 2-4" positive ease

Leonora (intarsia cardigan)           6 sizes; finished chest (fullest point) circumference: 92 - 160)cm / 36¼ - 63" – to be worn with up to 10cm / 4" positive ease.