Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 33: Summer 2020

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Allow us to introduce you to Issue 33! Our sizzling 2020 summer collection is inspired by the sun, the star at the centre of our solar system. Think sun motifs, dazzling colours, and most importantly, knit and crochet designs perfect for sunny days. For many of us, this summer looks a little different to what we expected, but we hope that you find solace within Issue 33‘s cheerful pages and patterns.

The theme for our summer issue is the sun – as we’ve moved through the classic elements of water, earth, and air for our quarterly inspiration we next looked to fire, by way of this life giving star. The designers have embodied its energetic colours and radiance as their inspiration, creating pieces for this season to enjoy from sunrise to sunset.

This issue has two covers, we just couldn’t decide on one this quarter! But don’t sweat, no matter which cover you receive, exactly the same wonderful content is inside.

The world has taken a difficult turn since we started compiling this issue, and while the sun shines we are all staying indoors as much as we can. We hope that many of you, in this time of social distancing and change, can take comfort in the familiarity of crafting. We hope that this summer collection of knit and crochet warm-weather makes will transport you in whatever way you need. Our summer issue always aims for items truly wearable in warmer climes but this quarter we aim to convey an extra dose of joy and comfort also.

Featuring designs by:


The sun also shines on Kat Goldin’s recipe, a simple handmade pasta flavoured with sun-dried tomatoes and our fun crochet tutorial which accompanies Marjan Gouda’s scrunchie pattern. We feel so lucky to have incandescent artwork by Juju Vail to accompany vibrant photography by Shingi Rice, and luminous jewellery from Ilista Studio styled alongside our collection’s pieces.

We hope with all our hearts that this collection of tops, along with two shawls, and a bag, shares the euphoria the sun can bring.

The photographer for this issue is Shingi Rice, our radient models are Momina Hanan of Crumb Agency and Ameera Mian of IMM Agency, and HMU is by Victoria Clarke. The bright and beautiful backdrop paintings are by Juju Vail, and the resplendent earrings worn by Momina and Ameera are from Ilista Studio. For an exclusive Ilista Studio discount in June, subscribe to our weekly newsletter!

Wishing you a happy, safe, and sunshine-filled summer,

Pom Pom xx

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