Inclusive Rainbow Pigtail Set (Oink Pigments)

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This kit Includes: 12 Targhee Pigtails, each measuring appx 25g / 100 yds; 90% Superwash Targhee, 10% Nylon.

Find the coordinating candle here.

Colorways (L to R):

BRIGHT: REDRUM, Nothing Rhymes With Orange, Dijon Vu, Dill With It, It's People, Teal Appeal, Together All Rows Develop Into Sweaters, Sex & Violets, Turnip the Beet, Le Pink, That Is Mahogany!, The Dark Knitnight.

DEEP: Mommy Dearest, Multipass, Eye of the Tiger, You Make Me Thorny, That's A Moray, Smarty Pants, In The Navy, Plum As You Are, Wine Knot Cabernet Sauvigyarn?, Raspberet, Double Truffle, The Dark Knitnight.

This kit does not include a pattern, and isn't intended for any specific project -- it's just a bundle of 12 Fabulous mini-skeins for your next scrappy project.

Need ideas? We're particularly fond of Skeinanigans' scrappy designs!