Cross Stitch Kits

Dye Hard Yarns

$ 25.00 USD

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These adorable and engaging counted cross stitch kits will give you hours of meditative fun!

Kits include everything you need except scissors.

Our Cross Stitch patterns can be used on the app Pattern Keeper. This app makes it easier to follow your pattern and it also keeps track of your progress!

  • 14 ct. Aida Cloth 
  • Size 24 needles (2)
  • 5" Bamboo Hoop
  • Printed Pattern
  • Pattern Download
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Thread Bobbins (7)

Cross Stitch classes available so you can move forward with confidence>>

-Shut up I'm counting is a phrase we've all uttered to someone when they interrupted us during our creative process. Now you can make a sign that says it! So all you have to say is "look at the sign".

-Why no, I don't have too much yarn! And we never will honestly, because we are amazingly crafty people who love to make and create! This pattern is an intermediate level pattern due to the back stitching required, but overall a fun and easy pattern to follow. Don't know how to backstitch? No problem! Sign up for one of our in person classes and we'd be happy to show you how. Stay tuned for our How-to videos as well.

-Just one more row... Just one more row is something I mutter a lot when I know I need to get up and do something else, like going to bed. This pattern is simple and great for starting and getting the rhythm of cross stitching.