Chiaogoo Bamboo T-SPIN Tunisian Interchangeable Set


$ 144.00 USD

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Tunisian patterns are HOT right now!

Use this set to create the first of many Tunisian crochet patterns. 

Bamboo Tunisian interchangeable set comes with the following: 11 5.7” (14.5cm) hooks in sizes E/4 (3.5mm) – N/15 (10mm), including size 7 (4.5mm); 4 TWIST [S] red cables (two 8″/20cm, one 14″/35cm and one 22″/55cm); 4 end stoppers, 4 adapters, 2 connectors, tightening keys and a needle gauge.

The hooks are made of Moso bamboo, have a pointy head to get into your stitches, and a stainless steel join. The size is permanently laser marked on each hook. Size I (5.5 mm) and larger hooks will fit the [S] cables with the use of an adapter. Compatible with SPIN cables. 

Set Includes Hook sizes:

  • US E (3.5mm) uses Small [S] cable
  • US F (3.75mm) uses Small [S] cable
  • US G (4mm) uses Small [S] cable
  • US 7 (4.5mm) uses Small [S] cable
  • US H (5mm) uses Small [S] cable
  • US I (5.5mm) either Small [S] cable & adapter or Large [L] cable
  • US J (6mm) either Small [S] cable & adapter or Large [L] cable
  • US K (6.5mm) either Small [S] cable & adapter or Large [L] cable
  • US L (8.0mm) either Small [S] cable & adapter or Large [L] cable
  • US M (9mm) either Small [S] cable & adapter or Large [L] cable
  • US N (10mm) either Small [S] cable & adapter or Large [L] cable

Individual pieces can be ordered in addition to the set above, or to create single Tunisian hooks. (For single hooks you'll need a hook, cord, end stopper, tightening key, and an optional Interchangeable Adapter (for attaching Large hooks to small cables)

TWIST Red Cables

TWIST cables are memory-free! They consist of a multi-strand, steel cable coated with red nylon. Lifeline holes can be found at each end of these cables. Insert the T-shaped tightening key into the lifeline hole to assist with securing your tip/cable connection. 

Cable Connectors

“Tic tac” sized pieces allow you to join two or more cables together. [S] coded connectors fit onto all [S] coded cables. [L] coded connectors fit onto all [L] coded cables. 

Interchangeable Adapters

NEW Interchangeable Adapter. Made of stainless steel this adapter will allow you to go from an [L] interchangeable TWIST/SPIN tip to an [S] interchangeable TWIST/SPIN cable. 

End Stoppers

Black, white or red rectangular-shaped resin pieces screw into your cable ends to hold a current project while using the tips for another project. White [S] end stoppers fit onto all [S] coded cables. Black [L] end stoppers fit onto all [L] coded cables. Red end stoppers fit onto all MINI TWIST cables.

T-Shaped Tightening Keys

When screwing in your tips, connectors or stoppers, insert this tightening key(s) into the lifeline hole found on each metal join at the ends of your TWIST & SPIN cables, connectors or stoppers. Simply use the key as a handle to help you grasp and tighten the screw connection. Use the key EVERY time you attach your tips to a cable. For an even better connection, try using our heart-shaped rubber gripper wrapped around the tip with the key. You will need the key to loosen the connection when removing the tips from the cable. 

Rubber Gripper

Help secure your interchangeable tip to cable connection by using these heart-shaped, rubber grippers. Take the “extra grippy” back side and wrap the gripper around the tip. Use it with the tightening key to help get a good grip and tighten the screw connection.