Baah Yarn Fringealicious Pattern

Baah Yarn

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This shawl is more of a recipe than a pattern. It’s an easy 1 row repeat and a great beginner shawl knit it garter stitch. Some will call the color changes tricky, but I call it fun. To get the color effect, you will hold 2 strands of yarn throughout the shawl. As you close to the end of col-or 1, you will add color 3 and hold color 2 and 3 together. As you get close to the end of color 2, you will add color 4 and hold color 3 and 4 together. You will continue in with these color changes until you reach your 10th color. Be sure to save your scraps of yarn for your fringe.

Perfect for Baah Yarn La Jolla, New York, or Savannah!