Family Emergency

 Hi everyone,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for reading this letter and sending us messages of support, love and strength. We really appreciate it.

We are out of the hospital now and slowly wrapping our minds around this huge life change. Abby is now susceptible to other autoimmune disorders. Viruses, illnesses & hormone fluctuations could push her body too far and potentially land her back in the hospital. We are mourning the fact that food isn't simple anymore. Every morsel requires math & a steady supply of insulin. Getting that math wrong could have serious consequences. This is our new normal. It's mentally and physically exhausting and it hurts to know that there's nothing I can ever do to "fix" this for her.

Abby has Type 1 Diabetes.
A case of Strep Throat that wasn't subsiding led to an ER visit, a diagnosis of Thrush and a discovery that Abby was in Diabetic ketoacidosis.
An ambulance ride took us to another hospital with a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, and there we stayed until Abby's medical team could get her glucose and electrolytes stabilized and flush the acid from her body. Once she was well enough to move down to Pediatrics, we spent the rest of the week monitoring EVERYTHING, healing, resting and getting a crash course in Diabetes care.
Our world is upside down and nothing will every be the same. 😔

I am back at the store now, and we are open with regular hours.
I'll be sorting through all the emails, orders and packages and hope to be caught up in the next two weeks.

If you're able, I'm asking for help to cover emergency expenses and supplies for Abby. If you don't have the means, we would appreciate you sharing this letter to those around you.
I've listed our CashApp, Paypal, Venmo etc. below.
You can of course buy gift cards on our site if you like, sign up for a class, or make a purchase. (Just know that after a week in the hospital, there's quite a backlog to go through.) Please have patience.

Keep us in your hearts,
Luv Chastity and Abby

CashApp: $ChastityDunlap , Paypal & Zelle: , Venmo: @Chastity-Dunlap 

Thank You