The Sharon Show (Casapinka Summer MKAL Kits)

$ 125.00

The Sharon Show was an MKAL that was designed mostly by Sharon From Security, my cat and employee. If you have ANY inclination to being serious, or easily irritated by foolishness or cat knitting designers, please step away, and do not knit this. This is about fun. This is about forgetting we are in a frigging pandemic. If you don’t want to hear complaints about Jean From I.T. and her 2003 Le Sabre and how she is always taking SFS’ parking spot, please step away now ‘cos this shit is real.

Shape: Straight up rectangle.

**Kits are drop shipped from Nevada to you**

Kit A: Falling in Love, Pink Nail Polish, Grey Onyx, & Dance Teal Dawn

Kit B: Blue Topaz, Baia, Grey Onyx, & Falling in Love

Kit C: Blue Topaz, Baia, Grey Onyx, & Casablanca

Kit D: Summer Lilac, Lilac, Grey Onyx, & Falling in Love

Kit E: Midnight Rendezvous, Getting Knotty, Grey Onyx, & Mama Mia

Kit F: Deep Lavender, Obsidian, Grey Onyx, & Champagne

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BAAH's La Jolla yarn is a luxurious workhorse yarn we've come to love for all of our lightweight projects. This beautiful yarn is hand-dyed in the US and is available in a beautiful array of distinctive colors. The best part? It's also 100% machine washable!

  • Fingering Weight
  • 100% Superwash Merino
  • 115g/ 400 yds
  • US 1-2

***Orders Are About 8-12 Weeks Out***

**Yarn is drop shipped from Nevada to you**

**Make sure to choose your shipping method. Not Eligible for Local Pickup.**