Ric-Rac Shawl Casapinka LYS day Kit

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Ric-Rac Shawl Pattern
May 2022 (Baah) & Somebody to Love (Kitty Pride Fibers)
May 2022 (Baah) & Under Pressure (Kitty Pride Fibers)
May 2022 (Baah) & Don't Stop Me Now (Kitty Pride Fibers)
May 2022 (Baah) & We are the Champions (Kitty Pride Fibers)
May 2022 (Baah) & You're My Best Friend (Kitty Pride Fibers)
May 2022 (Baah) & I Want to Break Free (Kitty Pride Fibers)
May 2022 (Baah) & Bohemian Rhapsody (Kitty Pride Fibers)
Copper Pipe (Periwinkle Sheep) & January 2022 (Baah)
Althea (Periwinkle Sheep) & Night Owl (Baah)
Bohemian Forest (Periwinkle Sheep) & August 2021 (Baah)
Chrysocolla (Periwinkle Sheep) & Myths (Malabrigo Sock)
Periwinkle (Periwinkle Sheep) & Strawberry Fields (Baah)
Between the Hours (Periwinkle Sheep) & Dragon Tail (Baah)
Modern Blue (Periwinkle Sheep) & Ursula (Malabrigo Sock)
Terra Cotta (Periwinkle Sheep) & Gold Digger (Baah)
Water (Periwinkle Sheep) & Jaw Breaker (Baah)
Cobblestone (Periwinkle Sheep) & One of a Kind Pink (Baah)
Sprout (Periwinkle Sheep) & April 2022 (Baah)
The Witch's Cauldron (Periwinkle Sheep) & Jawbreaker (Baah)
Chrysocolla (Periwinkle Sheep) & Pride Parade (Kitty Pride Fibers)
Straw Flower (Periwinkle Sheep) & Les be Honest (Kitty Pride Fibers)
The Witche's Cauldron (Periwinkle Sheep) & December 2020 (Baah)
Slate (Periwinkle Sheep) & October 2019 (Baah)
Moonbeam (Periwinkle Sheep) July 2021 (Baah)

The Ric-Rac shawl by Casapinka is a fun boomerang shape shawl that takes just 2 skeins of fingering weight yarn! 

Ric-Rac was designed for LYS Day April 30. This shawl looks great with speckled, solid/tonal or variegated colorways. It is an addictive 10 row repeat (gotta do just one more section!) 

Supplies you'll need:

US 6/4.0 mm 24”/60 cm circular needle (or longer as desired for comfort) for plied yarns (the sample yarn is plied)
US 4/3.5 mm 24”/60 cm circular needle (or longer as desired for comfort) for single ply yarn (also called “Singles” and have no plies in them and are usually thinner when sold as fingering weight)

Adjust needle size as needed to attain gauge. Go up one needle size for the bind off needle.

Tapestry needle for weaving in ends

**The Kitty Pride Fibers "Rock and Roll" collection colors are EXTREMELY hard to capture.**

Somebody to Love is a true Hot pink
Under Pressure: Think Neon Orange juice, not orange rind
We are the Champions is Warmer than it appears
You're My Best Friend is a Bright Teal green turquoise (not Blue)
I Want to Break Free is Brighter & more saturated leaning, towards peacock
Bohemian Rhapsody is a Brighter, warmer, grapey purple