Inclusive Rainbow Candle (Solis Illuminatum)

Solis Illuminatum

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This Candle is based on the colors of the Philly Pride Flag which highlighted the need to address inclusion and diversity within the queer community.

In the spirit of the Pride Flag's symbolism created by Gilbert Baker, and the two additional stripes of the Philly Pride Flag, each colored layer has its own scent and intention.

Some of the color symbols have been condensed as a few of the colors of the original Baker flag are no longer used in the current Pride Flag variations.

Half of all profits from every candle will be donated to the HANA Center and Brave Space Alliance in support of Chicago's immigrant, queer, trans, and POC community.


Every colored layer of the candle has a touch of Dragon's Blood to unify and increase potency and instill passion.

  • Black (Sea Salt and Kelp)
  • Brown (Oak, Teakwood, and Mahogany)
  • Red (Cinnamon)
  • Orange (Frankincense and Myrrh)
  • Yellow (Sunflowers and Bay)
  • Green (Lemongrass)
  • Blue (Rosemary)
  • Purple (Violet and Mulberry)

Made from hand poured soy wax in glass jars.

Find coordinating yarn kits here.

Color symbolism:

Black - Diversity
Inspired by deep ocean from which all life is theorized to have come from, the first layer is scented with kelp and sea salt inspire the user to explore the wisdom of the subconscious represented by the ocean.

Brown - Inclusivity
Nature is often viewed as a harsh landscape where only the strong survive, however further study have shown is this often a simplistic understanding of "the wild". In forests it has been found that trees not tall enough to gather light from the canopy are often fed by the root system of neighboring trees. This layer is therefore scented of mixtures of oak, teakwood, and mahogany in the spirit of forests ecosystems.

Red - Life/Sexuality
Queer lives are often cut short, so cinnamon has been used to bring protection as well as fill with sensuality and passion that is so often denied to those enable to live openly. Red in both the Mediterranean and East Asian tradition represents life energy and protection.

Orange - Healing
Frankincense and Myrrh have been used throughout ancient world to aid physical healing. But the healing of the queer community are also emotional, mental, and psychic. The rich scents of resins aide in healing in all of these aspects.

Yellow - Sunlight
Sunflowers and Bay scent the yellow layer of the candle. The sun reveals, protects, burns away, and destroys. Progress isn't possible without self investigation, use the power of sunlight to investigate delve into yourself.

Green - Nature
Green is scented with the lemongrass to clear the clear and invigorate the mind and aid meditative states. As most interactions with nature are in forms which bend nature to human comfort and desires also a moment in which you take a moment to listen to nature without asking it to bend, a practice to carry over when encountering does who experiences differ from oneself.

Blue - Art/Harmony
Rosemary is the scent used for the blue layer. Rosemary clear the mind and space. It was often used to clean both the home and sacred space, as well as used as ritual offering. Allow the scent of rosemary to steady the mind to explore the realm of creativity and harmony, whether that is through literal creation of art or bringing a creative spirit to activism and peace making.

Purple - Magic/Spirit
The final layer is scented with violet and mulberry. The pursuit of magic requires both a relentless investigation into even the dark corners of the self (known as shadow work by many) as well as the will to ascend from that darkness when necessary. Both of work of self-expression as well as inclusive liberation work is an ongoing journey of the self.