addi Turbo Rockets 16" Circular Needles

Rockets = Sharper, Longer Lace Points for Intricate Knitting

Circular knitting needles are wonderful additions to your tool collection for two reasons: first, they allow you ti knit "in the round" projects such as socks, hats, infinity scarves, cowls, sleeves, and sweaters; second, if you have an oversized project such as shawl or blanket, use these needles since your project couldn't possibly fit on straight needles! Circular needles also help in easing the stress on your hands for particularly heavy projects that you can rest on your lap while knitting.

These addi Turbo Rockets fixed circular knitting needles are renowned world-wide for their excellent quality, smooth surface, and fast stitching capability. addi's knitting needles are meant for long-term use with an excellent metal coating and a cord that can be easily restored after years of use with a simple dip in warm water.

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