Custom Yarn Dyeing by Kitty Pride Fibers


I love color. I have a huge passion for the fiber arts and I love sharing my art with other people. I generally play in the dye pots whenever inspiration strikes me. So feel free to swing by and see what's new!
If you have a specific hue in mind or are starting a special project that needs that extra something, let me know. I'm always happy to take new orders.
If you have a yarn you purchased but no longer love the color, I can generally over-dye it for you. I have even over-dyed finished garments. Bring in a sample of the color you’re looking for, a photo, or give me and idea of what's in your head, and I’ll do my best to match it for you!
See available colors here, or let's create something new together!

I will work with you and dye the amount you need in the color, or colors you want. Choose from any base in my line of yarns.

Cost of yarn includes dyeing.


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