Curio (Universal Yarn)

Universal Yarn

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Nail Polish (In Store)
Red Wagon (In Store)
Lipstick (In Store)
Oriole (In Store)
Honeycomb (In Store)
Pickle (In Store)
Dragonfly (In Store)
Santorini (In Store)
Angelfish (In Store)
Pebble (In Store)
Salem (In Store)
Bone (Warehouse)
Driftwood (Warehouse)
Alabaster (Warehouse)
Crouton (Warehouse)
Coffee Cake (Warehouse)
Root Beer (Warehouse)
Conch (Warehouse)
Sediment (Warehouse)
Earthenware (Warehouse)
Peachskin (Warehouse)
Carrot (Warehouse)
Sundial (Warehouse)
Duckling (Warehouse)
Lemon Zest (Warehouse)
Antiquity (Warehouse)
Topiary (Warehouse)
Matcha (Warehouse)
Tree Frog (Warehouse)
Ivy (Warehouse)
Fjord (Warehouse)
Glacier (Warehouse)
Sea Glass (Warehouse)
Kingfisher (Warehouse)
Reef (Warehouse)
Cascade (Warehouse)
Nautical (Warehouse)
Lighthouse (Warehouse)
Pearl (Warehouse)
Wisteria (Warehouse)
Scarab (Warehouse)
Aubergine (Warehouse)
Black Cherry (Warehouse)
Masquerade (Warehouse)
Rosefinch (Warehouse)
Romance (Warehouse)
Peony (Warehouse)
Taffy (Warehouse)
Koala (Warehouse)
Grit (Warehouse)
Nail Polish (Warehouse)
Red Wagon (Warehouse)
Lipstick (Warehouse)
Oriole (Warehouse)
Honeycomb (Warehouse)
Pickle (Warehouse)
Dragonfly (Warehouse)
Santorini (Warehouse)
Angelfish (Warehouse)
Pebble (Warehouse)
Salem (Warehouse)

Curio will be your go to for all of your light weight projects!

Curio is changing over to Uni Merino.

50 colors in all

The perfect sock solution! Soft Superwash Merino wool and sturdy nylon make up this 4-ply yarn. With an extensive palette, the color possibilities are virtually limitless. Curio is a treasure designed for socks, but is ideal for accessories, garments, and more. From colorwork to cables, Curio has you covered. 

Colors labeled (Warehouse) will arrive to our store in 1-2 weeks and can be shipped or picked up afterwards. (We will notify you if a product is backordered)

  • Fingering Weight
  • 75% SW Merino 25% Nylon
  • 100g/437 yds

Stitches Per Inch
Suggested Knit Gauge: 27-30 sts = 4” / US 1-3 (2.25-3.25 mm)
Suggested Crochet Gauge: 21-23 sc = 4” / US C/2-E/4 (2.75-3.5 mm)

Yarn Care
Machine wash - cold, machine wash - gentle or delicate, tumble dry - low heat