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Donation to Community Dye Studio fund

Donation to Community Dye Studio fund

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It's been nearly 2 months since we uprooted and moved to the new location on Harrison St in Oak Park. If you've missed the news, here's an update:

We've reached a third of our $30k GoFundMe goal! Dye Hard Yarns is nearing it's soft opening. A lot has been accomplished but there's more work to do.

Why we need you: 
Dye Hard Yarns is creating a Community Dye Studio and I need your support to make it happen!

The Vision: A dye studio, indie dyed yarn store, artist's space, center for fiber arts classes, and community hub. I want Dye Hard Yarns to be a place of creativity, inspiration, community, and love. A place to lift everyone up.

The studio will be fully outfitted and stocked. Dyers can create, connect with customers, teach each other, and teach the public. There will be classes in dyeing, knitting, crochet, macrame, spinning, weaving and more!

I'll have guest dyers, teachers, & designers, and of course, tons of yarn (It's still a yarn store!)  

It will be a haven for the fiber arts and the community that loves it. A place of welcome and a home for everyone to feel safe and a part of something. Working together,  we can lift each other into prosperity!

Why the change:
Indie dye companies are small 1-2 person operations typically operating under less than ideal circumstances. Finding and affording the space, equipment, supplies, and time to dye is a struggle. Especially as many of us have full time jobs and families to take care of. I want to alleviate some of that burden.

I have moved the boutique to a larger space in the Arts District of Oak Park. The new location affords us the opportunity to offer Studio space and professional equipment for other Indie Dyers, retail space to showcase their yarns, and Yarn Dyeing classes for the community. But I'm not stopping there. I want to provide studio space for Fiber Artists, expand our handcrafted offerings, and create an opportunity for locals to earn a living doing something they love.
Dyers and Artists will have display space and full studio access along with other perks. We'll have dye parties, Dye-a-longs for new pattern releases, and other community focused events. With a collective of dyers and artists, we'll have the opportunity to really engage people, help each other grow and learn, and expand our reach. It will be a place to create, to build community, and to sell our yarn and art while teaching others. 

I would greatly appreciate you sharing the campaign and any of our social media posts regarding the GoFundMe as much as possible. Website and blog Dyehardyarns.com   Instagram dyehardyarns_op   Facebook @dyehardyarns  Twitter @DyeHardYarns

$5, $50, $500, anything helps. Anything is deeply and sincerely appreciated, even just sharing as much as you feel comfortable.

Let's make this new yarn home the best ever!

Where your donations go:

We've come a long way but there's more to do:
$3,013.54 Building and window signage and installation.
$9,568.63 Dye equipment: Proofing cabinets, sheet pan cooling racks, measuring and mixing tools, dyes, color cards, yarn rings, sheet pans, soaking tubs, and other kitchen supplies.
$3,256.49 Tables for yarn dyeing prep, shelving and racks for dye tools, dye stock, and blank yarn storage. 
$2,643.25 Dress forms, manneqins, hand and foot forms and fixtures for sample display.
$1,518.09 Blank yarn, professional textile wash, citric acid, and resists.

$3,858.75 Lighting and installation so that yarn colors and dyes will be crystal clear.
$2,800 Industrial kitchen sink and installation for yarn prep, washing, and rinsing.
$1,000 Moving expenses: Truck rental, boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, dollies, movers
$1,416.25 Paint, painting supplies, tools, and other hardware store supplies.
$925 Legal, licensing, and permits

Watch our video and read more on our GoFundMe campaign here.
And please share our campaign with others.
***Re-opening date November 26, 2019***
Donations though greatly apprciated are not tax deductible